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  1. Tiger’s Tale leads us into a world of wonder. The color choices are astute and so pleasing to the eyes. The prose poetically reveals this is no ordinary story. Filled with uplifting adventure, mystical characters and profound wisdom, Tiger’s Tale is one of a kind journey.

  2. It is the best and most thrilling comic i have read! The colour’s go so well with the story, and draw you in from the first page, al the way to the very last one! The way it has been written, is amazing!

  3. Volume 1 is a tale that has readers take a deeper look at their own relationship with those they consider siblings. While I’m known for my love of the Wuxia genre, I do appreciate tales that speak directly to my heart. The artwork is unique and beautiful; it shows a lot without the characters having to say much. I’m genuinely excited for Volume 2. The Wuxiaman approves!


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