Welcome to the newest episode of THE COMICS FU SHOW featuring the Creative Team behind the Shadow Ghost Comic Book inspired Music Video, “Drunken Tiger” joins us to talk about their various backgrounds, influences, and behind the scenes production of the hit song/music video along with a special screening of the video itself!

#Tiger Tuesday Week 9

Voting has started on the selection of a favorite cover. We’ll be announcing the results in just one week. #atigerstale #kickstarter #kickstagram #cover #coverart #coverdesign #sneakpeek

Tiger Tuesday Week 8

I’ve quietly been working on a selection of Final Cover presentations for backers of the Kickstart.aTigersTale Campaign. As a result I’ve not had too much to say beyond that. But I can share some images here.

A Brief Visit to the Shaolin Wushu Guan

Shaolin Temple’s original founding is probably the most mythologized aspect of its history. One of its earliest written sources is a Tang-Period (618-907) short story on a historical Shaolin monk named Sengchou 480-560. Beyond that, we often say the temple was founded by Ba Tuo around 495 BCE, and has been home to such disciples as Hui Guang and Seng Chou, the earliest known martial arts monks. Imagine; kung fu training has been held in this hall for generations since.