All Kan ever wanted was to live in his forest as a tiger should. But when his mother adopted two human foundlings, Kan’s jealousy cost him his family and home. Exiled, Kan blames humans for his troubles. If he’s to make a home for himself in that distant forest, he and his brothers must journey beyond the natural world into the realm of myth, deities and Dragons.

A Tiger’s Tale is a graphic novel in the grand tradition of A Journey to the West, Usagi Yojimbo, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Also included with each purchase: A Tiger’s Tale mini-poster, 4 inch “Year of the Tiger” metallic sticker, one copy of THE COMICS FU READER mini-anthology (while supplies last).
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  • Martial Artists in Comics
    What do Bruce Lee, Keanu Reeves & Daniel Wu have in common? Two things at least: an appearance on the cover of Kung Fu Magazine as well as within the pages of their own comics.
  • Bruce Lee T
    Beyond the Nunchucks, an argument could be made for his signature sound or his aloha styled fists but none are as instantly recognizable as that yellow & black Jumpsuit. Just the mention of movies like Kill Bill or Shaolin Soccer should bring to mind why, but let me share with you a little thing I did which predates both.
  • Bruce Lee Fanart
    As we covered last week; the above illustration was created in 1998. It was featured on the back page of the Kung Fu Tribute to Bruce Lee magazine published by TC Media; publisher of KUNG FU TAI CHI magazine. Soon after I received this work of fanart. The pencil art arrived laminated and remains a …

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  • On Bruce Lee
    August 17th was the 50th Anniversary of the release of Enter the Dragon the history making movie staring San Francisco’s original martial arts movie star Bruce Lee. Let me tell you what i did for its 25th…

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