About the Author

Hi, though I’m New York born I’ve been making a living in the San Francisco Bay Area providing illustration & design work for comics, kid’s lit, magazines, text-books, album covers and countless t-shirts. I’m @PLUGO – @PLUGOarts online. PLUGOarts.com

  • First professional comic art was published by independent publisher Double Edge Comics. I was still a student at the School of Visual Arts where my teacher Carmine Infantino would let me bring comic pages in for him to critique.
  • Moved to California
  • Worked as senior designer/Art Director for Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine and its parent company Tiger Claw Inc. There, I created the long running comic series TIGER’S TALE and provided numerous illustration for product designs, advertisements, logos, T-shirts and other apparel.
  • Provided cover art for a variety of Musicians in the U.S. & E.U
  • My first Children’s Picture Book LITTLE MONK AND THE MANTIS was awarded both the Book of the Year Honor from the Gellett Burgess Center for Children’s Literature and the Preferred Choice Award from CREATIVE CHILD MAGAZINE.
  • The Kindle early reader LUCY VELOZ: HIGH-FLYING PRINCESS features my illustrations and was published by Cosmic Ray Press.
  • Contributor to Speculative Fiction for Dreamers published by Mad Creek Books, an imprint of The Ohio State University Press.
  • You can purchase select designs and artwork from my online store at PLUGOarts.RedBubble.com