Wuxia Warriors are Returning

Readers may recall my decision to celebrate the year of the wood dragon with some analogue art. Doing so was a way of balancing out the editorial aspects of completing A Tiger’s Tale volume 2. I was also able to return to working on Wuxia Warriors. I think those select and patient supporters who’ve been transformed into Kung Fu Heroes (with the aid of my digital paint brushes) will be pleased. There are two more commissions which remain to be worked on, but over the month of June, those completed pieces will be revealed to their respective patrons. They will also be made available on a variety of items ranging from Mugs to Shower Curtains; and T-shirt of course. These Print-on-Demand options will be made available at a discounted rate for each patron first before being added to the general Wuxia Warrior online store.

Illustration Process

Below you’ll find a selection of screen capture which illustrate the use of different layers in creating a finished piece.

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