Behind the Volume 2 cover image

As I mentioned just last week, we are working to prepare the long awaited crowdfunding campaign for volume 2 of A Tiger’s Tale. I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you some of the work that went on in generating that cover image.

The image is based on this scene from A Tiger’s Tale volume 1.
The dragon coils and leaping tiger (all on individual layers) are seen here on an extra-wide canvas; useful for animating.
An early version of the cover image.
That version was followed-up with a change in direction, posture, coils and the addition of speed-lines.

Following this permutation, the question of “what story does this image tell?” arose. That sparked the introduction of one of the new character that will appear in this book.

Along with this design came the question of which side to place the title banner. Slide the slider to see which version you prefer.

Insightful feedback. There was more.

Image / Layer Comparisons

Look closely to see mistakes reveal themselves when correction layers are turned off.
With the Tiger and Title layers turned off (as well as some atmospheric effects) you can see the work a correction layer is doing.
An example of the correction layer and some background elements when all dragon coil layers are turned off.
A final example of foreground and background elements which are composed of multiple layers grouped together

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