Bigfoot revelation: live replay

I’d have loved the chance to see my old pal in person. But after having just spent the whole of the previous day— literally from before sunrise to after sunset at the 2023 S.C.B.W.I. Oktoberfest event I was grateful for the option to listen in from the drawing table.

Cornelius Boots, bass shakuhachi (Taimu) &
Wood Prophets: Kevin Chen, Karl Young, Hiromi Inaba, Darrell Hayden, bass shakuhachi

The Wood Prophets are a natural shakuhachi quartet playing woodwind nature hymns and primeval chamber music. This concert featured solo performances from the members (set one) and premieres of some of this unique group’s core repertoire (set two).

A recipient of a 2020 InterMusic SF musical grant program commissioning award for the creation of the five-part woodwind chamber saga Wood Prophecy, this concert celebrates the release of their second concept album, the four-part Bigfoot Revelation.

Playing low-pitched variants of the root-end
bamboo shakuhachi flute, the group evolves this Japanese Zen Buddhist music tradition, drawing heavily and creatively upon sensibilities of nature communion and breath cultivation.

The power of this music always inspires. In celebrating the debut of these compositions I sat in on this performance with a blank sketchbook and mind.

A glimpse as some results.

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