New Wuxia Warrior

Welcome back. Can you believe we have been posting every Tuesday since the launch of this website in August of 2021? Sometimes also on Wednesdays, except for last week – Tuesday 8.15 turned out not to be a #TigerTuesday – there are reasons for that: including newsletter updates & Live Appearances. But now that some of the Summer dalliances are done I’m eager to return to the work of A Tiger’s Tale. So to celebrate, let me share our newest Wuxia Warrior! The first of the eagerly anticipated 2023 series!

Meet Sifu Yvette Phillips instructor at The Shaolin Kung Fu Academy in Pembroke Pines Florida. The Academy was founded in 1997 and after a casual look at the school logo , especially on their warm-up suits, I believe I might even have had a hand in those designs – I can probably even name the type-font of that reverse “S” in the window. But that’s for a reply in the comments.

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