Recorded Live at the Sun Gallery

The eagerly anticipated artists’ reception at Haywards Sun Gallery. Took place just this past Saturday. It was my first in-person appearance as a creator (rather than journalist or whatever) in a number of years. In many ways I welcomed slipping back into the groove of “party-mode,” being in the right place at the right time, remembering names and faces.

Of course, there were plenty of new names and faces. Some who I’ve been fortunate to meet over the online various online events which have become the norm. The chance to deepen those connections and even sign a few copies of A TIGER’s TALE vol. 1 was welcome and well worth celebrating.

Among those who who participated in the event two were also members of An organization I discovered just a couple of years ago, but who have been pivotal to my career as a full-time artist. As members of their Studio program we’d been on various zoom calls together, but this was our first chance to all share the same space.

Enjoy this one minute highlight reel of the days events. If you’d like to see more you can find that on

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