Week 2: on The Comics Fu Show

After a Kung Fu focused week on THE COMICS FU SHOW we’re putting the comics back into focus this week. Yesterday’s Sunday stream featured a diverse range of indie comics and their creators. replays are available at their respective times listed below.

Sunday 1/29

  • 10:00am PST: Tamyka Brown CEO of UE Comix
  • 2:00pm PST: JL Jr., the writer, creator, and letterer of Ennead: The Rule of Nine.
  • 3:00pm PST: Tony Wolf: actor/ comic-memoirist author of Tale from the Wolf  and publisher Eli Schwab of Cosmic Lion Productions.
  • 6:00pm PST: THE COMICS FU SHOW After-Dark with Capitan Wallace!

TODAY! 1/31

Live Tuesday 1/31 – 12:30pm PST

Writer/Musician Grant Balfour was born the son of African immigrants in the sleepy port town of Miami Beach. He’s got a graduate degree in English, a mail-order Doctorate of Divinity, and a Ph.D from the school of the open road. When not recording offbeat independent pop, writing tabloid poetry, or editing travel magazines, he enjoys refurbishing antique sound reproduction equipment (go, Edison Standard, go!) and building mechanical components out of duct tape. His favorite films include: Man Facing South-East, Night Of The Living Dead, Raising Arizona, City Of Lost Children and West Side Story, although most nights he curls up with a good book. Also, he remains married and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with his wife, children, numerous animals and several million semi-domesticated bees.

Live! Tuesday 1/31 3:00pm

Sifu JC Carter a comic book writer, designer, and podcaster. A proud Scot. A martial arts aficionado and Taijiquan instructor. A Yogi and former Yoga instructor. A former actor and theatrical director. An outdoor enthusiast, hiker, backpacker, and camper. A father and husband. A person with horizontal morality and well-earned GenX cynicism.

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