Wuxia Warrior #1

Founder/composer of Black Earth Shakuhachi School and the Dark Mountain Woodwind Academy.  Wood Prophet and root philosopher Cornelius Boots has performed at international festivals and up-close for goats with big horns. Professionally active since 1989, he’s won awards and created deep catalogues of fresh new repertoire for both bass clarinet and shakuhachi. Boots has written, recorded and released over a dozen albums of his original compositions and teaches his signature playing style to the curious and dedicated around the world. He believes that music and smell are modalities of magic, and we neglect the truth and power of the invisible realms at our own peril.  

Custom illustration of Shakuhachi Flute master Cornelius Boots, depicted as a mythical Kung Fu Hero.
Cornelius is a Vandoren performing artist, a Mujitsu Shakuhachi and  Chikuzen Studios affiliate, and a member of the International  Shakuhachi Society, Chamber Music America, Sempervirens League and Save the Redwoods.  Through Buddha Dharma University he  also teaches an online course on the Taoist rascal-sage Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi),  The Way of Zhuangzi.

As well as backing A TIGER’s TALE as a Wuxia Hero, Cornelius has been a guest on TIGER TALK a couple of times and recently released his exciting new album project!

Wood Prophecy album cover

A five-movement woodwind animism saga

The Wood Prophets are a Taimu Shakuhachi Quartet playing Wood God Hymns and forest anthems: soothingly feral new music at the intersection of Zen nature meditation, rural blues, jubilee gospel and sacred Renaissance polyphony.

World-building Chamber Music.
Dark Green Religious Music.
Bamboo Gospel.

This album is being released in 3 full editions of varying audio mixes and 5 more editions of each movement that will include raw mixes, solo stems and complete sheet music.
Primary Edition (this one) – released June 14, 2022
1929 Edition (vintage 78 rpm transfers) – released July 14, 2022
Church Edition (reverent reverberant iteration) released August 14, 2022

This is the real-time screen recording of the digital inking process.

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