Wuxia Warrior #6

Each Wuxia Warrior is meant to capture the spirit of their subject and that effort demanded more preparation than just the use of reference photos. But this final piece was made all the more unique because I was tasked with relying only on the series of survey questions that would define the character created. Below you can read the questions and answers Wuxia Warrior #6 provided.

  • Do You Want Your Wuxia Hero To Be Male, Female Or Non Binary?
    • ANSWER: Female, darker skin, long hair, very tall
  • Do You Practice A Specific Kung Fu Style You’d Like Me To Use?
    • ANSWER: Nope, I’ve been fortunate enough to mix Northern/Southern Hard/Soft styles; lots of Wing Chun, Chen Style Taijiquan,
  • What’s your preferred weapon of choice?
    • ANSWER: Kwan Dao or Butterfly Swords
  • What’s Your Favorite Kung Fu Movie?
    • ANSWER: Martial Law 3 (Michelle Yeoh & Cynthia Rothrock); Boy with the Golden Arm; Twin Warriors;

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