by Patrick Lugo

We’ve been covering the arrival of wuxia on American shores from as far back as CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON and THE STORM RIDERS. Still, many were already familiar with those Kung Fu Fantasies. Newer readers may well shrug considering its presence in pop-culture today, most notably on-screen with Marvel’s SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS or in comics with titles which include Immortal Studios’ THE ADEPT  among others. Considering the wuxia genre’s origins in the printed word, it’s no surprise that among the more serious writers of today, that term may have lost some of its appeal. Just ask American wuxia pioneer Fred Lit. Yu whose new book series issues the wuxia adventure trapping for a much more grounded look at Kung Fu in his new work of historic fiction: The Red Crest Series. The first book of this trilogy THE ORCHID FARMER’S SACRIFICE as just arrived.

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The Tale of the Tiger

In both the Chinese Zodiac and the Martial World of Kung Fu, the Tiger is venerated for its tenacity and ferocity. Indeed, it could very well be argued that it is the most powerful of the real life animals embodied in both the aforementioned landscapes.

A Tiger’s Tale

The balance of the universe rests in The Tao and that can be thrown off by jealousy, greed and ambition, this is something Kan learned as a cub. Now a Tiger exiled from his forest, Kan must make amends and rise to responsibilities decreed by the Celestial Court of Dragons; help restore balance to a …

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