The Birth of Death

A Special Halloween edition of Tiger tales. Izanagi-no-Mikoto (伊邪那岐命/伊弉諾尊) and his wife Izanami-no-Mikoto (伊弉冉尊/伊邪那美命) are the creators of the Japanese archipelago and the progenitors of many deities, which include the sun goddess Amaterasu, the moon deity Tsukuyomi, and the storm god Susanoo. After her untimely death, Izanagi, wishing to see Izanami again, went down to Yomi, the land of the dead, in the hopes of retrieving her.

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Who is Black Snake?

Who is Black Snake (Heishé 黑蛇) and what’s their connection to the Dark Warrior (Xuanwu 玄武)? Find out in today’s #TigerTuesday online comic

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Tiger Tales episode 2: Wude

When we last left our tale, young Jin Tong – The Golden Boy, has left his childhood home to pursue the life of a Youxia, a Martial Knight or Wuxia Hero. In the company of his new mentors, the Tiger Twins he recieves his first lesson on their journey down from the lofty heights of …

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Tiger Tales Episode 1

In a time of heroes and sages, twin infants were orphaned in the wilds of the jungle where they were found by the Queen of Tigers. Fair, wise and true she recognized their unique destiny and chose to raise them as part of her pride, teaching them all she knew.

With the entire jungle as their home they quickly grew strong and wise. Learning secrets whispered by winds and rivers, earth and sky, every animal called them friend. The boys grew older and left the jungle, venturing out to share their knowledge with the world.

Their travels brought them many adventures and they gained many friends. With only each other to call family, their time in the jungle faded into a dim memory, fondly recalled in moments of quiet.

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