Thumbnail Release

Earlier this year, Thursday February 16th 2023 to be exact, we made a special announcement for our campaign. Having reached several stretch-goals we announced the following–

  •  $5000: 10 Additional Pages + deluxe back-matter

Additional back-mater and an exclusive essay and original commission by Kung Fu Master/Comic Artist Sifu Kurtis Fujita! The campaign for his own comic SHADOW GHOST: A KUNG FU COMIC BY A KUNG FU MASTER had also reached it’s funding goal and together we’d been hosting Season 2 of THE COMICS FU SHOW throughout the campaign.

  •  $5500: Custom Commission Backer-Board

Upon reaching the 5K mark, 150% of its original funding goal we announced an even more ambitious stretch goal. A custom-printed Backer Board. That board will be printed with artwork on both sides. Previously, we revealed the artwork for one side of that custom backing board. Now, I’m thrilled to reveal a series of thumbnail sketches provided by Master Fujita himself.

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