Wood Prophecy: album release & live events!

A five-movement woodwind animism saga

After coalescing in 2019 as The Heavy Roots Shakuhachi Ensemble, this unique-yet-inevitable, velvety-yet-pungent chamber group is being reborn in 2022 as The Wood Prophets, and releasing our debut album.  Funded in part by InterMusic SF’s Musical Grant Program, I consider this work the apotheosis of my last quarter-century of creative woodwinding.  And a full-bodied exploration of Taimu in a same-instrument small group modality.

Eight Editions*

In spite of being unable to offer a live rendition of this work just yet, this release will be exploded into 8 count em 8 editions, starting 6/14/2022 with the Primary Edition. In July will follow the 1929 Edition (a mix transferred from 78 rpm shellac), then the Church Edition (sacred reverb mix) in August after which will begin the Ultimate (omnibus? premium?) editions of each movement which will include all the stems (each part as a solo, separate track) raw non-reverb mixes and the scores and parts, i.e. notation, a.k.a. The Sheet Music.

Bass Clarinet and Other Notation to Follow

After the 8 edition release, Alternate Woodwind arrangements; versions of select movements re-configured for bass clarinets, Bb clarinets, alto flutes and even bassoons will be offered.  So take heart orchestral reed and flute players, the Wood Prophecy is for you too!

*these are all digital only releases, and for now at least, only on bandcamp

The Wood Prophets are a Taimu Shakuhachi Quartet playing Wood God Hymns and forest anthems: soothingly feral new music at the intersection of Zen nature meditation, rural blues, jubilee gospel and sacred Renaissance polyphony.

World-building Chamber Music.
Dark Green Religious Music.
Bamboo Gospel.

This album is being released in 3 full editions of varying audio mixes and 5 more editions of each movement that will include raw mixes, solo stems and complete sheet music.
Primary Edition (this one) – released June 14, 2022
1929 Edition (vintage 78 rpm transfers) – released July 14, 2022
Church Edition (reverent reverberant iteration) released August 14, 2022

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