#TigerTuesday 14: fulfillment begins

This is an update for backers of kickstart.aTigersTale.com. As we enter the final phase of our campaign, we begin one of the most exciting aspects of this whole endeavor; fulfillment. One unique dimension I am celebrating today is opportunity to hand-deliver reward items to those select few backers who are both close friends as well as beneficiaries of coincidence.

But this celebration is not exclusive to those few whose homes are walking distance. There are backers who have already received notification of their own package’s arrival. So I’ve created the following templates in .PNG format for any backers that are inspired to join in on these online celebrations.


In the event you receive your copy on a Tuesday feel free to tag me on social media and you can also include the hashtag #aTigersTale


But the comic book fans among you will remember that Wednesday is also #NewComicBookDay or #NCBD in case you want to add those if you post on a #wuxiaWednesday!

As of the end of this past weekend some 20 rewards have been packed, with a couple hand delivered and a few mailed off. The rest continue to move through my little production facility while I reach out to individual backers whose addressed need to be updates. Stay posted for more and let me know when you’ve got your copy in hand. post it on the socials and tag me @PLUGO on twitter or @PLUGOarts on instagram.

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