Year of the Dragon Calligraphy

A New Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon (木龙年) is here. Contrary to previous years, I’ve been much more low-key about celebrating this change of the lunar cycle. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping busy, I’ve just been a bit more quiet about it. To celebrate the occasion I set out to practice some Chinese Calligraphy using some new brushes I’ve purchased for the occasion.

My goal was to practice writing the Chinese Characters for Year of the Wood Dragon and (because by brush drawing skills are superior to my calligraphy) and an improvised dragon drawing. I wanted to create something I could send to a select handful of special patrons for whom this calligraphy/art would be be appreciated and a bit of a surprise. The process was recorded on video and subscribers can look forward to access to a 30 minute presentation of the art.

For the less technically minded – I’ve compressed that video into about 3 minutes.

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