Sending Out The Hóngbāo (紅包): comic-cards.

As April draws to a close our campaign moves from digital delivery to the first of our physical rewards. The Hóngbāo (紅包): 1 page comic-cards

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Monsterizing a Backer

A behind the scene look at the process of “Monserizing” one brave kickstarter backer to selected to appear in the pages of A Tiger’s Tale volume2

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Behind Kung Fu SkillZ

I worked on the KUNG FU SKILLZ logo in collaboration with Kung Fu Instructor/Comic Creator — Sifu Kurtis Fujita. A full exploration on the logo design process is posted on the #TigerTuesday Blog

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A Final February Update.

With February drawing to a close, here is a small look back at the various #tigertuesday occurrences which gave this month it’s shape.

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Week 2: on The Comics Fu Show

After a Kung Fu focused week on THE COMICS FU SHOW we’re putting the comics back into focus this week.

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#TigerTuesday on THE COMICS FU SHOW

THE COMICS FU SHOW first Live Tuesday Broadcast features resident Kung Fu Master Kurtis Fujita and guest Kung Fu Masters from around the world!
These sessions will appeal to comic creators who’d like to punch up their action scenes and fight choreography, or who have burning historical or philosophical questions in need of answers. Contrary to the cliche many of our kung fu masters come with their own history with comics being readers or creators themselves.

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As we announced earlier this month the Kickstarter campaign for A TIGER’s TALE volume 2 begins on the first day of the Lunar New Year; 1/23/23. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning (we’re approaching nearly 2 years now) I thought we could take this opportunity to preview some reward tiers. However you’ll still have to wait just a little longer for the reveal to the cover of volume 2.

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