Long Dragons in Folklore

With the arrival of the new Lunar Year of the Dragon we examine the lore of, both the Eastern and Western varieties. Each possess veritable hordes of mythology and associations about their significance; in literature, and art. In some cases that lore extends to their actual depiction.

Lou Reed Got Qi

Lou Reed’s Tai Chi is entering general awareness, but over 20 years ago, I was part of the small team involved in presenting that side of Lou to the public. Take a look.

On Esoteric Taoism

Taoist qigong is the most famous form of esoteric Taoism. Aimed at achieving health (or immortality) historic manuals on breathing explore different exercises developed around the idea of keeping breath in the body, as opposed to losing it. These texts examine concepts of breathing air or Qi into and through parts of the body; the heart, stomach and lower abdomen, or dantien.But there’s more…


Taoism is variously a philosophy, a religion and a science. Concerning itself with the natural forces of the universe, the essential meaning of life, and a mystical belief in immortality, it attempts to capture the way of all things.