Asian Books Blog: Wuxia and xianxia, guest post from Alice Poon

Asian Books Blog: Wuxia and xianxia, guest post from Alice Poo Alice Poon is currently based in Vancouver. After a childhood spent devouring Jin Yong’s wuxia novels, Alice has, over the years, fed herself a steady diet of modern wuxia / xianxia and Chinese history and mythology masterpieces. Since the release of her two historical Chinese novels, The Green Phoenix and Tales …

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#TigerTuesday on THE COMICS FU SHOW

THE COMICS FU SHOW first Live Tuesday Broadcast features resident Kung Fu Master Kurtis Fujita and guest Kung Fu Masters from around the world!
These sessions will appeal to comic creators who’d like to punch up their action scenes and fight choreography, or who have burning historical or philosophical questions in need of answers. Contrary to the cliche many of our kung fu masters come with their own history with comics being readers or creators themselves.

Tiger Tales episode 2: Wude

When we last left our tale, young Jin Tong – The Golden Boy, has left his childhood home to pursue the life of a Youxia, a Martial Knight or Wuxia Hero. In the company of his new mentors, the Tiger Twins he recieves his first lesson on their journey down from the lofty heights of …

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