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A Tiger’s Tale volume 1 featured on LucyVeloz.PLUGOarts.com

Limited numbers of the 1st printing of A Tiger’s Tale vol. 1 are now available on the LucyVeloz.PLUGOarts.com Crowdfundr campaign.

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Not all Princesses need saving, and that especially true for Lucy Veloz: High Flying Princess. This action-packed tale was created as an early reader chapter book aimed at curious 6 – 8-year-olds. The story is divided into short, manageable chapters with full-color illustrations designed to ignite the imagination. A Hero Princess that reflects the BiPOC future our young Dreamers and Inventors deserve. I’m also offering these other books!

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Not all princesses need saving! And that’s especially true for Lucy Veloz: High-flying Princess! The fast-flying adventures of the galaxy’s newest Latina superhero arrives in paperback & hardcover editions. Perfect for middle-grade readers! #kidscreators #latinx #bipoc #middlegrade #chapterbook

Making Waves

The clawlike structure of the enormous wave that threatens to crash down upon the three fishing boats conjures up images of mythical dragons and other dangerous beasts. The drama of the print is enhanced by the placement of Fuji in the hollow of the wave’s angry crest. Like the helpless boats, Fuji too appears on the verge of obliteration.