Comics Unscripted / Black Widow

Kylar Merrel, host of Foriegn Press Comic’s podcast Comics Unscripted and I enjoy an indepth conversation about comics, Taoism, martial arts and Marvel’s Black Widow who won out over the Tao of Pooh for our book club conversation. But Winnie proves to be a winner in his own right! Find out how…

A Brief Introduction to Tea

Excerpted from Haute Tea Cuisine: New Techniques for Tea-Infused French Cooking by F. Lit Yu
A Brief Introduction to Tea: Tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis. Although there are many herbal concoctions, such as chamomile, that are also referred to as tea, they do not come from the Camellia Sinensis; the Tea Tree.

A Tiger’s Tale: Tamo & Tea

It is said the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism, Bodhidharma was also know in China as Tamo (達 摩). As the founder of the Zen school of Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu, there are many firsts attributed to him. This is just one such tale.