Lou Reed & Tai Chi

On Friday January 12th Vanity Fair published the article Laurie Anderson on Steering Lou Reed’s Legacy: “It’s a Wild Way to Be With Your Partner”

It’s a touching article made more so by this passage—

He was really thrilled to be on the cover of Kung Fumagazine. That was a big, big accomplishment for him.

I remember when he said, “I’m going to spend all my time now doing tai chi.” This was around 2005 or so. He did some wonderful music in that time. He did Berlin and Lulu,and a lot of other projects and tours. And he wrote new songs. But his main focus was tai chi.

In actuality, Lou Reed appeared on the cover of KUNG FU magazine two times.

I was there for both.

Putting aside the logos which I designed and blurb placement which I oversaw. The circumstances behind Lou Reed’s coverage in Kung Fu magazine were as unique as The Godfather of Punk himself.

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