Kung Fu Secret: Wuxia’s Youxia

Who are the Youxia (遊俠)? The wandering heroes of ancient China are described with this blanket term; anyone who was well traveled and righted the wrongs they saw before them. This type of warrior folk hero is frequently celebrated in Chinese poetry and fiction. A term commonly translated as “wandering vigilante” or “knight-errant” and less commonly known as “cavalier”, “adventurer”, “soldier of fortune” or “underworld stalwart.” A Futuwwa, Fianna or Ronin.

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First Meditation: Tamo

A review like no other. A written meditation on Tamo – a book review of A Tiger’s Tale volume 1.

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Master Lam Sai Wing (林世榮 1861? – 1943)

Lam Sai-Wing (林世荣 1861? – 1943) master of Hung Gar Kung Fu. A disciple to the legendary folk hero Wong Fei-Hung and progenitor for many Martial Artists.

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Kung Fu Secret: Their Big Knives

Few weapons are as iconic for the martial arts as the Chinese Dao and yet, the term can be applied to a very wide range of weaponry.

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A Brief Visit to the Shaolin Wushu Guan

Shaolin Temple’s original founding is probably the most mythologized aspect of its history. One of its earliest written sources is a Tang-Period (618-907) short story on a historical Shaolin monk named Sengchou 480-560. Beyond that, we often say the temple was founded by Ba Tuo around 495 BCE, and has been home to such disciples as Hui Guang and Seng Chou, the earliest known martial arts monks. Imagine; kung fu training has been held in this hall for generations since.

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Tiger Talk: Sifu Brian Kuttel

Sifu Brian Kuttel: A full-time instructor of Choy Li Fut. Based in Geneva Switzerland, he is a disciple under Tai Sifu Jason J. Wong son of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong, Brian has written several articles featured in Kung Fu Tai Chi and Inside Kung Fu Magazine and is author of the book “Monkey Movement.”

We discuss Tiger and the Monkey in Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut and Tai Chi. We also discuss the nature of online learning and the secret to Taming the Tiger inside!
Sifu Brian can be found online at: https://www.sifukuttel.com

Check out his Choy Lay Fut or his Tai Chi YouTube channel.

Sifu Brian has made available some of his writings on Tiger Kung Fu and a selection of informative video to A TIGER’s TALE Sifu Kuttel’s Claws of the Tiger

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Tonight! Empty Flute

An informal presentation by Cornelius Shinzen Boots Shihan (master) of the Shakuhachi Flute. The shakuhachi is an ancient bamboo flute originally used by both Buddhist monks and Samurai warriors.

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