The Brad Graeber Interview: pt. 2

Part two of our exclusive interview!

Brad Graeber is a pillar in the field of Animation. He is the
founder and CEO/CCO of Powerhouse Animation (Seis Manos,
Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Castlevania,
) as well as a lifelong Martial Artist and Kung Fu exponent.
We had a great time talking about animation, comic books, MMA, and of course, Kung Fu!
This is Part 2 of our 2 Part Interview. Check it out!

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Tiger Talk: with David Wei

In this Episode of Tiger Talk we are joined for Tea by David Wei, Founder of the Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center. David Wei (魏 资 容, Wei Zi Rong, “Wayfarer of Vast Capacity”), is a 16th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai, and a global instructor of Wudang Daoist wellness arts and traditional Chinese acupressure massage. We talk the Tigers & Monkeys, Taoist Elements, breath, the body and … graffiti(?)

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The Grandmaster Tu Edition

Meet Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng a renown taoist master. He is also a prolific author, talented musician and an accomplished painter and traditional calligrapher. Grandmaster Tu’s calligraphy has been featured 22 times in KUNG FU TAI CHI magazine and he’s offered to prive one of his painting as a cover for A Tiger’s Tale the graphic novel.

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Yijinjing: the original workout

Image of The Muscle & Tendon change classic (Yijinjin 易筋經) painted by Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng

According to legend the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism called Bodhidharma wandered China sometime in the 5th Century. Also known as Tamo (達 摩) found himself at a, then unknown, monastery hidden by the small forest after which it was named; Shaolin Temple. It was there he developed the original workout, the Shaolin Yijinjing (少林易筋經).

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