Tiger Talk with Geof Darrow pt.2

In part two of our free-wheeling conversation with Eisner Award winning Comic Artist/Concept Artist Geof Darrow we discuss illustration and work with movie directors. Geof highlights some the pros and cons of his illustration work still done 100% on paper. Early experiences working with Moebius and film directors like Ridley Scott and Tsui Hark.

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TIGER TALK with Special Guest: Geof Darrow

It was a rather random opportunity which lead to Interviewing the legendary Geof Darrow, creator of The Shaolin Cowboy and concept artist behind such films as The Matrix. After some days of preparation and two pages of neatly typed out questions, we met over zoom an immediately discarded any pretense of a formal interview to enjoy a free-wheeling conversation which covered his comics & movie work, tales of interesting people he’s met and a surprisingly in-depth conversation of the many Kung Fu & Samurai films which we both love and consider influences.

Many of those details will be covered in the official interview at KungFuMagazine.com

But below you’ll find some of the enjoyable tangents we took which might be more of interest to comic and movie aficionados in particular.

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Tiger Tuesday Cover Painting

Today marks the first #tigertuesday post — post Kickstarter. In honor of the epic downshift in activity I’ve download the 8 hours of live streaming from last week and put together this 8 minute video meditation on live painting with Zen Flute accompaniment.
(Music: Sanya 三谷 Taimu Shakuhachi Zen – 地無し尺八 Cornelius Boots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tAbC… ) Part of the #TigerTuesday Live event. Kickstart.aTigersTale.com

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Tiger Talk: Sifu Brian Kuttel

Sifu Brian Kuttel: A full-time instructor of Choy Li Fut. Based in Geneva Switzerland, he is a disciple under Tai Sifu Jason J. Wong son of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong, Brian has written several articles featured in Kung Fu Tai Chi and Inside Kung Fu Magazine and is author of the book “Monkey Movement.”

We discuss Tiger and the Monkey in Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut and Tai Chi. We also discuss the nature of online learning and the secret to Taming the Tiger inside!
Sifu Brian can be found online at: https://www.sifukuttel.com

Check out his Choy Lay Fut or his Tai Chi YouTube channel.

Sifu Brian has made available some of his writings on Tiger Kung Fu and a selection of informative video to A TIGER’s TALE Sifu Kuttel’s Claws of the Tiger

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Tiger Talk: with David Wei

In this Episode of Tiger Talk we are joined for Tea by David Wei, Founder of the Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center. David Wei (魏 资 容, Wei Zi Rong, “Wayfarer of Vast Capacity”), is a 16th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai, and a global instructor of Wudang Daoist wellness arts and traditional Chinese acupressure massage. We talk the Tigers & Monkeys, Taoist Elements, breath, the body and … graffiti(?)

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Tonight! Empty Flute

An informal presentation by Cornelius Shinzen Boots Shihan (master) of the Shakuhachi Flute. The shakuhachi is an ancient bamboo flute originally used by both Buddhist monks and Samurai warriors.

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Next #TigerTuesday

Talking Tigers, Tea, Kung Fu, Taoism, Calligraphy, Style Writing and more next week. on Tiger Talk.

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