The Perils of Martial Poetry

Gene Ching returns to Tiger Talk to help examine Kung Fu Lyrics (Quan Pu 拳譜). Those iconic martial lyrics used in traditional martial arts as well as Wuxia (武俠). He elaborates on the challenges of his unique work for wuxia comics publisher Immortal Studios and his stance on Martial Poetry in the pages of KUNG FU TAI CHI.

Gene Ching is a 32nd generation layman disciple of the original Shaolin Temple of China and publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. He has authored hundreds of martial arts articles and scripts for martial arts instructional videos. Author of the book SHAOLIN TRIPS Gene also write for Den of Geek, , YMAA and UNISCO. Gene ALSO served as a weapons expert on El Rey Network’s Man at Arms: Art of War with Danny Trejo in 2017-2018 and has been a long time friend and collaborator.

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