The Two-Geeks-Talk Interview

This interview with Kurt Sasso on Two-Geeks-Talking was the first I booked. We recorded not so long ago and yet, with all that has kept me busy as we approach the Lunar New Year what I recall most now, was the profound imposter syndrome I wrestled with the moment that interview ended. Kurt’s questions drove me to examine my creative process and identity in a way I hadn’t expected. Yet having participated in a good handful since, I’m left only with the impression of how good an interviewer he must be to have done that.

I hope you’ll join me in revisiting it when it premieres in just one hour.

Until then, if you’ve missed it, you can catch my much more casual and celebratory catch-up with a long time friend Mimi Chan! We first worked together when she appeared on the the June 2000 cover of Kung Fu Magazine. In the time since, we’ve kept in touch talking kung fu, comics, animation and more! You see, being the original body-double for Disney’s animated Mulan was only the beginning of her metaphorical journey to Hollywood and back to her home-base at Wah Lum Temple the first kung fu temple built in the United States. In true Kung Fu Master form she gives me a good “Get it Done” – Check out the Sifu Mimi Chan show!

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