Tiger Talk with Robin Leong

We continue to celebrate the Luna New Year of the Tiger with a very special guest, Robin Leong. The Master of (Hung Gar) Kung Fu, Actor and Author joined me to discuss the personal importance of the Year of the Tiger. His life long journey devoted to bringing his legendary father’s martial arts traditions to a new generation. We discuss the oral history of Kung Fu in Seattle, Bruce Lee, John Leong, his appearances on Singapore television, the founding of his own Ch’i Life Studio and his publishing ventures. His historic coffee table book LIVING KUNG FU as well as his two picture books: THE KUNG FU FORCE AND THE TOWER OF DOOM and THE KUNG FU FORCE AND THE PERILOUS BOBA WHIRLPOOL.

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Monkey Monday

The lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus), also called wanderoo, is endemic to the Western Ghats of South India. The hair of the lion-tailed macaque is black. Its outstanding characteristic is the silver-white mane which surrounds the head from the cheeks down to its chin, which gives this monkey its German name Bartaffe – “beard ape”. The hairless face is black in color.

The Perils of Martial Poetry

Gene Ching returns to Tiger Talk to help examine Kung Fu Lyrics (Quan Pu 拳譜). Those iconic martial lyrics used in traditional martial arts as well as Wuxia (武俠). He elaborates on the challenges of his unique work for wuxia comics publisher Immortal Studios and his stance on Martial Poetry in the pages of KUNG FU TAI CHI.

Gene Ching is a 32nd generation layman disciple of the original Shaolin Temple of China and publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. He has authored hundreds of martial arts articles and scripts for martial arts instructional videos. Author of the book SHAOLIN TRIPS Gene also write for Den of Geek, Kungfumagazine.com , YMAA and UNISCO. Gene ALSO served as a weapons expert on El Rey Network’s Man at Arms: Art of War with Danny Trejo in 2017-2018 and has been a long time friend and collaborator.

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Tiger Talk: Anthony Kelly Arrowcatcher

In this special double-sized episode of Tiger Talk we have an exclusive interview with Anthony Kelly: Kung Fu instructor, coach and holder of 53 (and counting) Guinness Book of World Records, including Most arrows caught while Blindfolded and most punches thrown in one second (Spoiler more than Muhammad Ali and/or Bruce Lee). He Joined me, calling in from Australia to share with me the original of a life long martial journey which lead to world record break feats, the year of the Tiger and Kung Fu community and culture as experienced in Australia. He also share’s his greatest accomplishments and the philosophy which has guided him to so many of them.

Yu on Tea

As a beverage, artisanal tea is as complex as wine–perhaps more so, and just as packed with aromatics and flavors as your most sophisticated ingredients. With a 5,000-year history, thousands of varietals, and more production methods than any other beverage, tea is not just a drink…