Mapping Pan Gu

“All the great stories have maps” a beta-reader once told me. As with much of A Tiger’s Tale, its inclusion needed to reflect my understanding and so, some research was required.

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What about Wude (武德)?

Wude is an important part of the culture of the Chinese martial arts. Morality is very important to the practice of martial arts in general and this idea of Wude is extolled by Kung Fu masters. It is the criteria on how students are judged by their masters, and whether or not they are deemed worthy to be taught.

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Behind the Volume 2 cover image

As I mentioned just last week, we are working to prepare the long awaited crowdfunding campaign for volume 2 of A Tiger’s Tale. I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you some of the work that went on in generating that cover image. Following this permutation, the question of “what story …

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Tiger Leaps the Abyss

Of our recent explorations of the Bagua and the Book of Changes there is one Trigram which is most significant to A Tiger’s Tale; number 6 Kan after which the main character has been named.

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Kung Fu Secrets: The Bagua & The Book of Changes

What are the “eight changes” (八卦 – also pa kua)? Along with the five elements, this eight changes, more commonly known as the “Bagua” form the basis of nearly all Chinese metaphysical systems, especially the I Ching (or Yijing), the oracle book.

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Tiger Talk: Sifu Brian Kuttel

Sifu Brian Kuttel: A full-time instructor of Choy Li Fut. Based in Geneva Switzerland, he is a disciple under Tai Sifu Jason J. Wong son of Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong, Brian has written several articles featured in Kung Fu Tai Chi and Inside Kung Fu Magazine and is author of the book “Monkey Movement.”

We discuss Tiger and the Monkey in Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut and Tai Chi. We also discuss the nature of online learning and the secret to Taming the Tiger inside!
Sifu Brian can be found online at:

Check out his Choy Lay Fut or his Tai Chi YouTube channel.

Sifu Brian has made available some of his writings on Tiger Kung Fu and a selection of informative video to A TIGER’s TALE Sifu Kuttel’s Claws of the Tiger

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Tonight! Empty Flute

An informal presentation by Cornelius Shinzen Boots Shihan (master) of the Shakuhachi Flute. The shakuhachi is an ancient bamboo flute originally used by both Buddhist monks and Samurai warriors.

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