Breaking! – Tribal Force Returns

A short preamble about this day and the chance to make something special happen on Wednesday

Tribal Force

I had the good fortune to be introduce to Jon Proudstar almost a decade ago. The man who brought us together was another great John, John Fusco; my collaborator on Little Monk and the Mantis, the award winning children’s picture book I illustrated in 2012.

View Launch Live – Wednesday 2/15 10:00am PST

THE COMICS FU SHOW is proud to present the return of Tribal Force comics’ first All Native American Super Hero Team!
Originally created in 1996 by writer Jon Proudstar and artist Ryan Huna, in 2014 Tribal Force would be recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as “the first all native american super hero team.” Since than, MACHINE Comix has been working incredibly hard on long awaited TRIBAL FORCE Kickstarter Campaign and they’ll be launching live with us.

Special Guest Jon Proudstar
Jon Santaanta Proudstar (Yaqui, Jewish and Mexican) is the Writer/Creator of the first all Native super hero comic in the history of the United States. Tribal Force was inducted I to the Smithsonian’s Natives In Pop Culture exhibit in 2014. Proudstar is also a veteran actor of forty two productions. He currently plays ‘Leon’ on FX/Disney’s Reservation Dogs (Sterlin Harjo Show Runner, Taika Waititi Exec Producer).

Special Guest Gene Jimenez
GENE has 30+ years experience in comic books, graphic design and fine arts. He was an original purveyor and participant at SDCC very first ‘Digital Comic Coloring Symposium'(’95). He has been a colorist, letterer, editor, creative director, writer and designer for independent, mainstream comics and entertainment companies. In 2018, GENE founded MACHINE Comix as a home for his personal comic book creations, and the creations of outside the norm comic book artists.

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